UK Techno Producer Rebekah is Crowd Funding a Film on Sexual Abuse In Dance Music


Birmingham-based techno DJ and producer Rebekah has been a key player in making women and other underrepresented groups feel safe in the dance music scene. In September of 2020, she began a campaign called #ForTheMusic, a spin-off of the #MeToo movement in the music industry. The campaign called for dance music to sign an open letter on that pledges safer spaces for women on the dancefloor. 

The campaign website states its mission and goals. 

“We are a group of people in the Dance Music Industry who are fighting for change in an industry that has been cloaked in sexual abuse from its infancy. By sharing our own stories and those of other survivors in the industry, we can raise awareness and combat a culture of silence which turns a blind eye to the presence of violence and abuse.

“Through our campaign we are pursuing drastic change in nightclubs, venues and festivals across the globe in hope that these places of work and entertainment adopt a zero tolerance policy to harassment by creating a safe space for all to be enjoyed without the threat of sexual predators.”

With this campaign, she’s also raising funds for a film about sexual harassment women and minorities experience within the industry, called End The Silence. Berlin film production company Kanaan Brothers will produce the movie. 

The film’s GoFundMe page explains that the film will “show the world what a normal night out looks like through the eyes of the most vulnerable, showing real life situations and what the aftermath looks like for the survivors and ultimately how we can start to act in a way that brings the community together to take responsibility for everybody.”

The artist also brought together over 40 artists to curate a 38-track compilation album to fund the film. The record is available on Bandcamp for purchase, and proceeds will make End The Silence a reality.

Rebekah and the team have a goal of €10000. You can donate to the cause now on GoFundMe.