Rebekah Responds to Backlash on End The Silence Campaign


A few days ago, we reported that DJ Rebekah was crowdfunding to create a film about sexual abuse in the dance music industry. However, it appears not everyone in the music industry is supporting the campaign. Five days ago, a New York City-based artist named MAEDON spoke up.

Her Instagram photo reads strongly, “I have disdain for hypocrites and people who use movements to further themselves. A comp for women to end the silence. 38 tracks. Only 12 female/fem-identifying.” 

She continues, “Last fall, DJ Rebekah reached out to me and asked me personally to support her campaign & share my story of abuse if I felt comfortable. I chose to do so because I felt very strongly about the campaign. 

“I recently called her out on releasing a VA for women with a majority of men on it, then starting another campaign pushing labels to sign more female artists. She is saying I have disdain for women, and is calling me misogynistic. Yet, her reasoning for having so many men on a comp for women addressing a very sensitive topic, is ‘we need men as allies.’ So basically she is saying women need men in order to get heard. She is grandstanding and using other women’s trauma to further her career.”

Advocacy and allyship continue to be essential topics in music. And with inclusion riders becoming more prevalent and the overwhelming amount of female and female-identifying talent in dance music, it raised some eyebrows that not even half the artists on the compilation were women.

But the chilling allegations regarding MAEDON’s personal interaction with Rebekah is, unfortunately, a shared experience among women who don’t show unwavering support for each other in the music industry.

Festival Insider reached out to both DJ Rebekah’s publicist and MAEDON regarding the post. 

Rebekah responded, “EndTheSilence exists solely to help fund the next stage of the #ForTheMusic campaign, which is essential to make positive changes in the music industry when it comes to stamping out harassment and providing safer spaces for all. # ForTheMusic approached a long list of artists at very short notice to provide tracks for the fundraiser compilation, and we’re grateful to everyone who could provide tracks for a worthy cause. If anyone else wishes to be involved in the campaign at any stage, we hope they can amplify the message or get in touch.”

At the time of publishing, MAEDON had not replied.