San Holo to Headline 2022 Monster Energy Up & Up Festivals

Dec 7, 2021

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San HoloSan Holo


Dutch musician San Holo will be headlining Monster Energy's Up & Up College Festival Series in 2022. The catch? College ambassadors must rally their student peers to compete with influencer campaigns and marketing projects to win a performance on their campus from the future bass producer.

Student ambassadors who have competed in previous competitions have spanned various majors and represent more than 50 vetted U.S. colleges.

The students will have to use every tool in their artistic and entrepreneurial arsenal to accrue the most ticket pre-sales to the festival event. If their school wins, they get to co-produce their school’s event. 

The competition will kick off for students on Feb 15th at 4 p.m. EST. After 48 hours, only the top six schools that have garnered the most ticket pre-sales will win.

Coming off a widely acclaimed LP release earlier this summer, San Holo shared his excitement in heading Monster’s Energy college festival next year.

“It's great how the festival empowers students by giving them the power to bring shows to their own campus and I can't wait to see where I end up playing,” he said.

Once the presale competition closes, the six winning college teams will work in conjunction with festival producers and experts to plan their Spring festival and determine when and where San Holo will play.

Opening festival acts will include a lineup of rising DJs and musicians from the school, chosen by the winning student teams.

Students who win will also be granted mentorship opportunities in the music industry and even internship credit.

Those interested in competing can apply at