Oct 22, 2020

1 min read


Photo courtesy of Squid Splits


Not even close to a newcomer, Jubilee has been queen rave “Mami” since her days driving the “I-95” from Fort Lauderdale to Miami. The NYC-based producer and DJ wears her Florida nativeness on her sleeve, infusing each acid synth sound with humid midnight energy and sweat machine mood. Her 2016 debut album After Hours was a kandi-colored explosion of dancehall and old school electro over 808 tats and 909 booms. The 2019 follow-up Call For Location upped the ante with the sweet sunset sounds of “Fulla Curve” feat. IQ, meandering bliss on “Daylight Ravings” and more.

Today, she drops even more heat with what might be this writer’s two favorite Jubilee jams yet - a double-sided slam for peak warehouse hour. “Are We There Yet?” and “Ride With Me” keep her party conversation going, adding the kind of deep metallic depth and grimy groove our sleek modern scene needs more of. The singles come courtesy of her Magic City label, an outlet will keep close watch of in the coming year. If you’re still not convinced, watch Jubilee rock the decks at Elsewhere NYC for four straight hours this Saturday, Oct. 24, via Twitch.