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EAZYBAKED Express New Emotional Depth with 'Intertwined'

Apr 8, 2022

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Jason Siegel

Eric Ray and Andrew Principe of EAZYBAKED have proven themselves to be essential figures in the world of experimental bass. Known for pushing the sonic boundaries of underground music with their complex sound design, this Orlando-based duo bring a unique energy unlike anything heard before. 

Ready to write the next chapter of their career, EAZYBAKED officially released their highly anticipated debut LP, INTERTWINED. Taking a step outside their comfort zone, this 10-track magnum opus strays away from their traditional style and explores a new, authentic sound. By turning their creative levels up a notch, INTERTWINED showcases their expansive range through euphoric tracks brimming with emotions while preserving their experimental habits.


But before they began producing wonky wubs together, many early childhood days were spent at local playgrounds. Since they met back in elementary school, the two have been inseparable. As soon as they were introduced to DAW’s senior year of high school, the EAZYBAKED project was born. 

What sparked your interest in making music together?

Before we started, we were attending a ton of different live music events and festivals. That solidified the curiosity we both had, and it also gave us a mountain of inspiration and motivation.

How did you find your sound? How would you describe your sound to someone who hasn’t heard you before?

Mostly through experimenting and trial and error. Just constantly throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. It sounds like the orchestra of a million tiny crickets.

Growing up in Orlando, how did that environment influence you as artists?

In the early days, the Orlando scene was pretty competitive. It wasn’t as easy as it is now to get recognized for your own sound. Without a doubt, this pushed us to diversify our sound further and create something that was unique to us.


Tell us about your first big break.

Opening up for Brillz at Venue 578 was our first big gig. That was our first time playing on the main stage and supporting a reputable artist.

With a friendship that dates back almost 15 years, it’s safe to say you’re practically brothers. But how do you work so well together?

We are brothers 100%. It’s easy to work together because we both have the same vision for the project. It’s all about making sacrifices that you know are for a greater cause.

Describe how your individual work ethics, musical styles, etc. complement each other as a duo.

It’s pretty balanced overall. Generally speaking, I (Andrew) handle sound design while Eric handles melody/arrangement. So, for example, when we are together in the studio, I am usually at the controls while Eric is on the keys and drums so we can be sound designing while simultaneously working out a layer or melody. However, a lot of tracks have been started individually and then worked on together until finished, so it varies.

Do you ever butt heads or face any challenges working as a pair?

99% of the time, no. Most challenges get solved quickly. This would fall under us both having the same vision for the project, so we pretty much always agree on what the best decisions [or] solutions are.

How has your sound evolved? Where do you see it going in the future?

We’ve grown as individuals and as artists, and our tastes have also evolved. We incorporate more sounds that WE want to hear rather than focusing on what “should” be there or what’s expected of us. I think our rate of evolution will slowly go down over time as we solidify our sound, but we will always continue to push the boundaries and push ourselves on an individual level.

Your debut album INTERTWINED truly embodies the evolution of your sound. How & when did you decide you wanted to release an album?

During the beginning of COVID lockdowns, we knew we had to capitalize on all of the time we now had. Being stuck at home and not able to travel for shows gave us so much time that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.


How did you come up with the name INTERTWINED?

It’s a representation of our evolution and our separate ideas and visions meshed together as one.

What is the inspiration behind the album? What message are you trying to convey to listeners?

We want people to hear our evolution and for people to know that it’s okay to push yourself outside of your comfort zones. That is where true growth happens.


How do the tracks on this album differ from your previous works?

We’ve incorporated more harmonic elements than we ever have before. Overall, we wanted the album to feel like a story from start to finish.


What are each of your favorite tracks off the album, and why?

Andrew: “Capsule” and “Innertwine.” The process of starting and finishing these 2 was just seamless. Every component felt like it was meant to be.”

Eric: “S.O.T.E.” and “Innertwine” for me. I felt like I personally reached a new “level” while working on these tracks. they are both pretty different from anything we’ve done!”


Now that you’ve crossed off a huge accomplishment on your list, what’s next?

More. So much more. This year we’re going to release more music than we ever have in a year, and we just kicked off the Intertwined Tour, which will continue for the next few months. Look out for Lost Dogz!

Goals for the future?

Mainly to continue growing and making better music, continue growing the EAZYBAKED brand, and branching out internationally.

What excites you the most about the future of dance music?

Younger artists are going to take over the game. Also, with the rapid growth of technology and the web3 space, we’re going to see some very interesting things happening within the next few years that will reshape dance music and the entire music industry.

EAZYBAKED is on tour now through June 19, 2022. Tickets are on sale. See below for when they are hitting your city.