Oct 9, 2020

1 min read


Photo by Ryan McBride


There are a few essential features that come with being an artist on the Italians Do It Better roster. The legendary record label is synonymous with choice fashion, a fixation with what happens after dark, and blurring the line between thrills and feelings of terror on the dance floor.  

Glüme possesses all of these qualities and then some. The newest addition to the house of Chromatics, Desire, and Glass Candy has quickly carved a reputation with a quick succession of standout singles. After throwing down the gauntlet with September’s haunting, stripped-down cover of Britney Spears’ “...Baby One More Time,” the L.A.-born and raised singer followed up with the deeply intimate “Body,” a song that channels Glüme’s struggles with autoimmune diseases into a slowly-pulsating, shimmering synth pop treat.

Her latest, “Come Softly To Me,” recalls the minimalism of “Water Me”-era FKA twigs with the trademark touch of producer Johnny Jewel’s dark disco sheen. 

If you’re only going to discover one new artist during the eeriest month of a very scary year, make it Glüme.