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7 People You'll Meet At Electric Zoo This Year

Person with cat ears and fan and other person with an inflatable flamingo at Electric ZooPerson with cat ears and fan and other person with an inflatable flamingo at Electric Zoo

Labor Day Weekend is almost here and for New York City ravers, that means one thing: Electric Zoo. When it returned last year after lockdown, nostalgia hit as I reminisced about my EDM-loving days. However, this year's lineup has me more excited than ever. Of course, big room fans will salivate seeing their favorites on the lineup, but the undercard and label-led stages are what's hitting the spot.

While the music is the main reason we travel for a festival, it's definitely not the only thing that makes an experience. The food, the atmosphere, and the people all contribute to making a unique and memorable weekend. Or it could break it. From a long-time EZoo veteran, I took it upon myself to introduce you ahead of time to some of the characters you'll meet at Electric Zoo 3.0 this year. Or maybe you're one of them. Sorry in advance.

EZoo Manhattan SkylineEZoo Manhattan Skyline

Electric Zoo/ Made Event

1. The Main Stage Mainstay

Discovering new artists? Can't relate. You'll find this person locked into the main stage the whole time. They barely even want to leave to get food or use the bathroom. They have to ride the rail to see Porter Robinson for the eighth time this year. Sporting a three-gallon Camelbak and gum to last three weeks, the main stage mainstay would rather piss themselves than lose their spot at the front, but they'll also probably keep the security guards company and help any first-time festival-goer along the way.

2. The First Time Festie

Maybe they just got into electronic music, maybe they got dragged into coming by their friends, or maybe they just wanted to experience a big festival for the first time. This person has probably only listened to Flume and Odesza before, but they came for the vibes and haven't yet been caught into the jaded judgey cycle that many of us are in. But that's what makes them the best kind of person to hang out with at a festival like this. With fresh eyes and a thirst for new experiences, the first-time festie is open to meeting people and learning about all the different subgenres that dance music has to offer.

Riding the rail at Electric Zoo SupernaturalsRiding the rail at Electric Zoo Supernaturals

Electric Zoo

3. The Guest List Goblin

No matter how many of their music industry friends tell them to stop asking for guest list they've somehow managed to get their hands on a gratis pass and made it through the gates. You're here to see an artist? This person knows them personally. You've been to Electric Zoo four times? They've been here five and didn't even want to come this year because they're more into going to the underground warehouses and clubs of Bushwick. I'll stop describing myself now. But if you meet me, say hi!

4. The Artist Manager

You actually probably won't meet them because they'll be backstage the whole time.

5. The Fan Clacker

Pray you don't meet one. But if you do, hopefully, you can help them find the beat.

A Shuffler at Electric Zoo SupernaturalsA Shuffler at Electric Zoo Supernaturals

Electric Zoo

6. The Shuffler

With all the bass house on the lineup this year, you're bound to run into a shuffler or 20. Usually propped up with a big group in the back (because they take up a lot of fucking room), you'll catch them cutting shapes at the Confession stage and taking videos all day long at Sunday School. Whatever you do, do not feed them a Bang Energy drink.

7. The Veteran

If you go to shows throughout the year, this person has been there. And if you've been to other electronic music festivals in general, you've probably seen them there too. The veteran has years of festival photos across their social media pages and has exactly what you need at any given moment. From Vicks sticks to wet wipes, the veteran has somehow managed to fit it all in their fanny pack. You'll probably find them sitting on an inflatable couch with their fest fam, or wandering around alone to check out some new music.