5 Reasons Why Electric Zoo Was Worth The Wait

EZoo  2021 Main Stage Day OneEZoo  2021 Main Stage Day One

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Electric Zoo is a staple in dance music festival culture, and as a New York City resident, it’s also become my home base. It was the first major event I ever attended and will always hold a special place in my heart.

After a long hiatus from live music, the industry has had a slow but steady return to normalcy. And after being hit by Hurricane Ida last week we’re incredibly lucky Electric Zoo was able to happen. There is no such thing as a perfect festival, but Electric Zoo: Supernaturals was absolutely worth the wait, and here are 5 reasons why.

Seeing Friends, Old And New

As I said before, Electric Zoo is my home base. It’s where all the friends I’ve made over the past seven years come together to dance. After spending 2020 in isolation, being able to hug my friends was incredible. Seeing artists we’ve loved for years together—and singing and dancing along to their songs—was cathartic.

Friends dance at Electric Zoo 2021Friends dance at Electric Zoo 2021

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As a newbie to working in music, I was also able to meet so many people who I’ve been talking to online, as well. The URL to IRL transition is always nerve-wracking, but putting a face to a username was a great experience.

Electric Zoo is a Food Destination

Big Mozz at EZoo 2021Big Mozz at EZoo 2021

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Festival food is always one of my favorite parts of attending fests. Even for a vegetarian like me, there are always plenty of options to choose from! The Made Event team was great about making sure the menus had something for everyone. If one thing’s for sure, even after hours of dancing, I never went hungry.

Diversity and Inclusion On Stage

Moore Kismet at EZoo 2021Moore Kismet at EZoo 2021

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Diversity and inclusion in the music industry are imperative to me. The festival made sure there was variety not only in genres but also in representation. There was a good amount of people of color, women, and LGBTQ+ artists in the lineup. Young artists must see themselves mirrored on stage, it's the only way they can imagine themselves breaking into the industry. Whether I wanted to listen to trap, house, bass, or trance—Electric Zoo delivered.

Sita AbellánSita Abellán

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Easy Transportation

New York City can be overwhelming, but you were well taken care of at Electric Zoo. Ubering from Brooklyn to Randalls Island is super expensive, so the festival offered shuttle busses straight to the show! You also had the option to take the scenic route and walk a bridge, or take a picturesque ferry ride from Manhattan.

Electric Zoo 2021 Main Stage with New York BackdropElectric Zoo 2021 Main Stage with New York Backdrop

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The Afters Kept The Party Going

The party didn’t stop at the festival, but what more can you expect from the city that never sleeps? After each day of Electric Zoo, you had a plethora of after parties to choose from. So, even if you had a set conflict at the event you pretty much always have the option to catch an artist at one of the many after-parties!

I knew I had a long weekend ahead of me, so I opted to only go to the Brownies & Lemonade after-party on Friday. My trap cravings were satisfied when Juelz got on stage, and he even brought up special guests Squired and Memba. One of the best parts about festivals is that you never know who’s going to show up and play at a nearby venue, and this party might have been my favorite part of the weekend.

So even if this list hasn’t compelled you to go to the next Electric Zoo, be sure to at least catch an after-party. You definitely won’t regret it.