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Battling Burnout? Five Ways to Get Your Health Back at Love Machine

Apr 27, 2022

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Love Machine 2021Love Machine 2021

If dueling Omicron sub-variants, tear-jerking headlines, and a bittersweet end to remote work have you in a funk, you’re not alone. We’re collectively exhausted after prolonged bouts of mental whiplash and two-year stints spent working at kitchen tables and “bed desks” (just me with the chronic lower back pain?) In other words, it’s okay to feel less than your personal best. Thankfully, there’s an event coming up next weekend that promises to restore your sense of well-being, and it’s called Love Machine – a health-conscious gathering situated on the healing grounds of Jacumba Hot Springs in Southern California. 

“Our goal is to create a wholesome environment that allows our attendees to leave in a better state than when they arrived,” says Love Machine Founder, Ryan Spalding. “By curating conscious workshops, providing healthy food vendors, and encouraging connection through dance and music, we hope to imbue our guests with the faculties necessary to continue on with these practices long after the weekend is over.” 

Love Machine is equipped to battle burnout through the power of community, holistic practices and nourishing vibes. Slamming playa techno and deep house grooves should work their magic too! 

Love Machine 2021Love Machine 2021

The springtime installment (May 6-9, 2022) features a star-studded lineup of DJs and producers like Ida Engberg, Oliver Koletski, Serge Devant, and David Homme as they perform daytime parties, after-dark raves, and sunrise sets, all positioned amongst the natural Temple Peak, a stunning, natural boulder formation revered by the local Kumeyaay Tribe.

Meanwhile, wellness figureheads like accomplished circus performer and aerialist John Beck will help attendees focus on the most powerful tool in their chest – breath – and others like yogi and wellness thought leader, Andrew Sealy, will promote the power of self-love for maximum impact.

This desert retreat is curated to soothe weary souls and kickstart self-care practices. Here are five ways to get your health back at Love Machine: 

Hang out in a hot spring. 

If back-to-the-office blues are wreaking havoc on your skin, Love Machine is quite literally brimming with a formula that zaps stress-related breakouts. Attendees can figuratively soak up daytime beats from artists like Sacha Robotti, Riva Starr, and DJ Three b2b Oona Dahl, and then literally soak in the mineral-rich geothermal springs that pepper the rugged Jacumba landscape. 

“When you soak in the geothermal springs, you receive a small, healthful, safe dose of its 15-part mineral cocktail,” Spalding explains. “But even if your body didn’t absorb minerals like potassium, magnesium and zinc transdermally, you would still reap a prescription’s worth of healing. Simply soaking in the mineral hot springs is naturally detoxifying and a gentle remedy for skin ailments including acne, eczema, and psoriasis.”

Yoga at Love MachineYoga at Love Machine

Immerse yourself in a sound bath. 

On Saturday and Sunday, sound healing practitioner, John Beck, will take attendees on a vibration-filled journey full of positive ions and powerful pranayama. But before you get there, consider what you hope to achieve in the session. 

“Most people turn to sound baths with a goal in mind: To relieve stress or reach clarity on an issue that's constantly bothering them,” Spalding explains. “That said, you will get the most out of a sound bath when you can identify a clear intention as your goal for this type of sonic therapy.” 

Explore a new yoga lineage. 

Vinyasa and restorative classes are popular go-tos, but 2022 is the year to open your mind and try something new. You’ll experience powerful connections in Andrew Sealy’s high-flying acroyoga class, featuring Thai massage elements and partner-based postures, and you’ll uncover serene moments of self-discovery and somatic healing during deep house sunset yoga classes with Founder and Resident, DJ Alissa Josey, and instructor, Rebecca Ryan

“With a background in dance and a passion for movement, the girls understand the body and how the combination of posture, balance, and strength are key elements for lifelong wellness,” Spalding shares of the second, music-scored stretch sesh. If yoga’s not your thing, explore other tantra and meditation-focus offerings. 

Love Machine yogaLove Machine yoga

Embrace a plant-based diet. 

Love Machine’s diverse roster of hand-picked vendors provide delicious menu items attendees have the choice to adopt a vegan lifestyle during the event. “Eating a whole food, plant-based diet improves the health of your gut by providing a host of pre/probiotics, fiber rich foods, and a high bioavailability of vitamins and minerals so you are better able to absorb the nutrients from food that supports your immune system and reduces inflammation in the body – the precursor to all disease,” Spalding shares. 

Attend the opening ceremony to receive a memorable introduction to cacao and let that enlightening experience carry you through to other nourishing dishes such as Acai Bowls, Veggie Tikka Masalas, and breakfast burritos. “And of course you can’t have techno without tacos!” Spalding adds with a laugh. Of course, if meat is a must, there’ll be options for the omnivorous fam as well.

Love Machine 2021Love Machine 2021

Find a sense of community. 

“When we feel connection we feel fulfillment,” Spalding shares passionately. “Even if only for the weekend, by giving ourselves the opportunity to be a part of something that unites us, it has the ability to recharge us on a soul level. We all owe it to ourselves to evoke as much positive energy and playfulness as possible this year after what we’ve been through.” 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, which is why Festival Advisor is heading to Love Machine next weekend to get a necessary dose of self-care. What about you?

For more information on Love Machine, or to grab tickets to this music and wellness-centered desert retreat, visit https://lovemachine.live/