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Freddie McGreggor (One Out Festival)

May 27, 2021

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It’s a new dawn for the festival world following 2020’s big pandemic pause. Why not kick off your year back on the dance floor with a new festival? Freddie McGreggor is no newcomer to the UK party promotion scene, but he and his friends are set to celebrate the inaugural edition of One Out Festival on Sept. 25. All lovers of house and disco are welcome to this beautiful, 100-acre space along the River Thames. Dance and mingle among the conifer trees and lakeside shores to the sounds of Roger Sanchez, Hannah Wants, and more. It’s a legacy that’s just beginning, and McGreggor welcomes you to be part of the One Out Fest story.

What is your name and what is the name of your festival?

My name is Freddie and I run One Out Festival.

When did the festival start and what inspired it?

The venue inspired us to put One Out Festival on. Myself and the team, we go to festivals all the time and events. And we wanted to take the bits that we love from each event and recreate it into this new venue that we've got, which is really great.

One Out LineupOne Out Lineup

When and where does it happen?

The venue is in the UK, Walton on Thames, Surrey, thirty-five minutes away from London Waterloo. And for this year, it's on the 25th of September.

Tell us about the site and how it influences the festival?

The festival site is actually 100 acres. There's, you know, big conifer tree lines, lakes as well and it's set on the River Thames. So there's huge potential for it to grow into a bigger festival than we're going for this year. So yeah, it's very exciting.

Who was the first act you ever booked?

This year Roger Sanchez definitely we can't wait to see him close one of the stages. Yeah, he's obviously true legend.

Who is the target audience for your festival?

All lovers of house and disco are welcome. You know we haven't got a set target audience. So anyone's welcome, of course, yeah, if you're over 18.

What is unique about your festival? What sets it apart?

What's unique about our festival is the location, you know, the River Thames backs onto the venue. You know, this as a step forward, there's huge conifer tree lines, you know, we're gonna be building the festival all around that. They've got great facilities, you know, modern toilets and showers. It's actually built on a campsite. So obviously, they're gonna have the best facilities. They're ready for us. And it's, so it's only 35 minutes from London Waterloo. So on the day, we'll be offering a free bus service from the local station, you know, to the venue. So you haven't got to worry about taxis from London Waterloo, easy. Yeah. So I think it's all gonna be all come together on the day.

One Out GroundsOne Out Grounds

Anything else you want to tell us about?

Yeah, I just want to say thank you to the thousands of people that have bought tickets. It's been a huge support, especially after all that we've been through together. Yeah, can't wait for One Out festival and we'll get there. Festival season's coming. So yeah, see you there.

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