These Fitness Channels Will Get You Festival Ready

Feb 9, 2022

8 min read

305 Fitness305 Fitness

305 Fitness

Festival season is almost upon us. So, it's time to get back on the workout grind so that you're feeling your absolute best both physically and mentally the moment you walk through the festival gates. 

Fitness gurus and instructors of all calibers continue to incorporate electronic dance music into their uniquely designed training programs. There's just no better kind of music to get you all pumped and fired up during a workout, and what better way to conquer your fitness goals than by utilizing workouts accompanied strictly by your favorite music? 

If the thought of stepping foot inside an actual gym to meet your fitness objectives makes you cringe, there's no need to worry. YouTube is full of a plethora of free workout content to help you attain your dream body right in the comfort of your own home in the most exhilarating way possible: through the power of electronic dance music. 

We've curated a list of our favorite PLUR-approved fitness channels on YouTube to ensure that you're feeling like a 10/10 while dancing all your worries away at your next grand festival appearance. There's nothing quite like feeling completely confident in your own skin, and we're here to help you achieve that with these EDM-friendly workouts! 


With already over 259k subscribers after only two years on YouTube, Nobadaddiction is crushing the game with their stimulating, fast-paced workout videos. The channel offers weekly no-equipment needed workouts that you can practice anytime and anywhere. 

If you're driven more by the music blasting through the speakers than instructions from the trainer, this channel is the one for you. 

Keep the fitness fires burning with high-energy 5-45 minute workouts accompanied by a flawless selection of electrifying dance beats. Let the music consume you and watch your body tone up in no time by doing these workouts at least 2-3 times a week. 

Sydney Cummings

If you want a more structured workout plan, Sydney's channel is top-tier. The Charlotte, North Carolina-based certified trainer and nutritionist has established a solid nationwide fan base by offering encouraging mantras and exhilarating workouts. Her monthly workout programs will have you feeling leaner, stronger, and more confident after just a few sessions. 

She's a huge dance music fanatic, and all of her videos feature a bed of empowering tunes while she ensures you stay motivated and in top form. Her positive mindset and forward-looking attitude go hand in hand with the PLUR mentality, and she always closes each video with a few words of wisdom. 

Pamela Reif

The lovely Pamela Reif has one of the best free workout programs out there. Every Sunday, she curates detailed workout plans for all fitness levels. She offers three workout plans: 30-minute Beginner, 45-minute Slow, and 45-minute Hard. She has it all, from full-body HIIT and cardio dance routines to specific muscle group toning videos. 

Like Nobadaddiction, she prefers uplifting dance music to be the main focus of her training sessions rather than dictating your every move. Her motto is "let's train together quickly and effectively with (usually) no talking." She's worked out alongside leading DJs like Joel Corry and Ofenbach in fun sessions that feature only songs from their catalogs. It's a lively way to spice things up and get her viewers feeling pumped!


Coming from a solid dance background, Maddie from MadFit uses her experience to build a uniquely curated workout regime. Her channel consists of HIIT, low impact, cardio dance, and toning workouts designed to help burn fat and build muscle. Most of her videos are less than 30 minutes, and she explains each movement thoroughly before each round to ensure perfect form.

Her videos are full of exhilarating EDM melodies, but if you want that extra cardio burnout, her dance party workouts are where it's at. Working out is more enjoyable when you're genuinely feeling each and every move, and these dances to all-time-favorite hits like in the "Latch" by Disclosure video above will have you never wanting to skip a workout day. Just an FYI, sore muscles after these workouts are inevitable but worth it once you start seeing results. 

305 Fitness

Practicing any form of dance is one of the best ways to stay healthy and fit year-round, and 305 Fitness has created a powerful workout movement unlike any other. Nothing releases excess, built-up energy more than moving your body freely to your favorite high-spirited tunes. The power of dance is one of the reasons we all fell in love with the scene after all.

Their EDM-focused routines make you feel like you're moving and grooving at a rave, and some videos even feature a live DJ. So get ready to burn extensive calories, all while having an absolute blast with the program's uniquely choreographed and explosive dance music routines (yes, twerking and fist-pumping included). Whether you choose to take on either their ten or 50-minute classes, you'll achieve that total body burnout while reminiscing on breaking it down at the club with your friends on a Friday night. 

Team RH

In alignment with the trending "close your rings" hashtag and fitness challenge, Team RH is here to ensure that you meet your daily step goals to create and maintain a healthy, positive lifestyle. Team RH founder Rachel Hepton lives in the UK, so her workout videos thoroughly embody the heavy influence electronic dance music has on everyone's daily lifestyle and habits on that side of the pond. 

Team RH offers weekly dance-along step videos and a few other home workouts for all fitness levels. However, her 'Rave Steps' workout playlist is our top pick simply because of the workouts' nostalgic Dance Dance Revolution vibe and vivacious energy all around. These rave-inspired workouts allow you to hit up to 2,000 steps in less than 20 minutes, all while letting loose and partying it up in the comfort of your living room. 


Anna, the mastermind behind the Growingannanas fitness channel, has been killing it since she began her fitness journey on YouTube back in 2017. With over 1.24M subscribers now, her workouts are fun, energetic, and absolutely killer. But 100% worth it. 

She says you'll find "full-length workout videos, HIIT and strength workouts, oh and lots of good, positive vibes ;)." That sounds pretty PLUR-friendly to us. No matter the length or type of workout video she uploads, they all incorporate high BPM tunes to keep your energy flowing and muscles growing. 

To celebrate reaching 1M subscribers, she dropped a killer 30min HIIT party workout. The video kicks off with the Robin Shulz remix of Farruko's "Pepas" to set the tone. Give the workout a go to find out the rest of the bangerific house playlist.

The Spin Junkie

This channel is a match made in heaven for spin fanatics who also love raving and all things music festivals. The Spin Junkie is a master fitness instructor with over ten years of teaching indoor cycling in New York, Los Angeles, Orange County, Scottsdale, and Phoenix. 

Strobe and LED lights shine against the backdrop in full raver fashion during her "DJ HIITs" videos. Her workouts are nostalgic rides through dance classics from artists like ZEDD, Diplo, Tiësto, and Calvin Harris. She also offers more PLUR-inspired rides on her actual website, like her "Road To EDC" rides and "Bass Camp: Bike Bootcamp to the Beat" rides, which we strongly suggest purchasing if you end up getting hooked. 

But honestly, her YouTube videos do the job flawlessly and ignite every ounce of motivation needed to make sure you look your best in that festival outfit that you've had sitting in your closet for months. 

The Fitness Marshall

Caleb Marshall is an icon in the fitness world, and he makes working out enjoyable by intertwining contemporary dance hits in his phenomenally choreographed videos. His channel includes an extensive selection of uniquely designed dance workouts that make subscribers feel themselves while sweating their worries away.

One of his many slogans and channel missions is to create an entertaining space for an "Active Booty For Every Booty," and we're here for it. Each dance workout lasts the exact duration of its featured song, so the point of the channel is to choose your songs of choice, make a playlist with them, and dance along with Caleb and friends to your own customized workout. 

The Fitness Marshall integrates a wide selection of Tiësto workouts like our top-pick, "The Business," into his program along with a few other dance parties featuring highly-favored songs by The Chainsmokers Jax Jones, Skrillex, David Guetta, and many more. 

Seco Tribe

If you've always dreamed of learning how to shuffle and how to incorporate it into your daily workout routine, we've got the perfect channel for you. Run by the shuffle queen herself, Vanesa Seco, Seco Tribe features an entire playlist dedicated entirely to shuffling tutorials so that you can finally vibe out with other shufflers and impress everyone in the crowd at your next big event.

She's become a tremendous influence and inspiration within the dance music community and is always spreads nothing but positivity through her passion for dance and the scene. These shuffling and cutting shapes tutorials that she's curated throughout the years are easy for anyone to follow, even if you've never even attempted the most basic shuffling moves at any point. 

It takes a lot of practice and a decent amount of patience, but after giving it a go, you'll be ready to blow everyone away with your sick moves in no time. Plus, you'll get your heart pumping and a more toned physique as a result of practicing your shuffling skills with Van Seco and joining her tribe!