UNreleased with Austin Kramer Joins Tommorowland's One World Radio Lineup

Apr 26, 2021

3 min read

Austin KramerAustin Kramer

Austin Kramer has been one of dance music’s top curators for over a decade. He’s worked tirelessly to connect established and emerging talent with fans across the globe. The former Spotify Head of Dance Music unveiled his latest project on April 5, 2021. A weekly radio show called UNreleased that airs exclusively on Tommorowland’s One World Radio, Monday’s at 6:30p CEST.

Each week Kramer leads listeners on a 30-minute exploration of the immense diversity of dance music. He calls it “Dance music’s weekly cheat sheet.” He goes on to explain. “We’ll be showcasing and premiering the coolest records live from all different genres 5 days ahead of their official release. Turning them into the tracks all People of Tomorrow around the world will want to get to know and dance to.”

It’s a momentous return to the airwaves for Kramer who programmed and hosted Sirius XM’s dance channels from 2007-2015. It was there that he truly fell in love with dance music. He recalls his early days in radio with BPM resident DJ Armando fondly.

“I screened calls and did research for his daily live mixes and it was incredible to hear from and meet fans across North America coast to coast. Armando had 3 CDJs going at all times and a ton of CDs. I’ll never forget it.” Kramer went on to establish landmark programming at Sirius. His work with BPM, Electric Area, and Tiesto’s Club Life transformed the network into a tastemaker brand.

Kramer is excited to return to radio after so many years. He said, “One World Radio’s programming is very strong, unique and eclectic, both genre- and artist-wise. Listeners go from Jax Jones to Joris Voorn seamlessly all day every day. Thanks to its diversity, impeccable mixing and 24/7 flow, One World Radio succeeds in bringing the magic of Tomorrowland and dance music to your home, phone and car – and I’m very happy to be a part of this!”

Tomorrowland has reached iconic status in dance music by placing the world's most renowned talent on the most elaborate stages. Even through the pandemic, Tomorrowland's immersive streams are larger than life.

Kramer sees their vast reach as a way for emerging artists to break through the noise. It’s an extension of the work he did at Spotify where he curated several of its most popular playlists including Mint, Friday Cratediggers, and Housewerk. A cosign from Kramer was a career-defining moment to the many artists who struggled to be heard.

“I want to dedicate ‘UNreleased’ to working with and encouraging artists, producers, vocalists and instrumentalists – curating and pushing dance music education. The future of music is really about breaking and empowering new artists and continuing to evolve across typical boundaries, whether it be lyrically or instrumentally. My show will be the place to discover new artists from all different genres, serving as the perfect launch platform for both established and breakthrough artists.”

Tomorrowland wasn’t exempt from the crippling blow that COVID dealt to dance music. Its flagship festival in Belgium is tentatively scheduled to stretch across two weekends in August and September. However, they admit that this could be yet another year without Tomorrowland Belgium. Yet, despite that uncertainty, the brand has continued to connect to its worldwide network of fans. UNreleased is just another way to keep hope alive for artists and fans. And Kramer believes that dance music “Will come back bigger than ever.”