This Week In Techno: Pleasurekraft & Electroliners

Aug 9, 2022

2 min read


Sex and the Machine EP - Pleasurekraft


Pleasurekraft has been pumping out his unique brand of "cosmic techno" since 2009. He returns to the iconic Drumcode label with his new EP, "Sex and the Machine." The style is a musical vision that attempts to go beyond the stale concept of winding builds and huge drops. Pleasurekraft works to incorporate cinematic elements into their music, and this recent EP does just that while also remaining big room ready. "Sex and the Machine" opens up with grinding kicks and a pumping acid bassline. Pleasurekraft has, over the years, crafted a trademark style of processing vocals into oblivion, and the few sprinkles of it here make for the perfect ear candy. "Body Horror" is dark, ominous, and made for big rooms and late nights. The sound design is the star, with a bevy of oddball synth patches that bounce off each other, creating an almost glitchy yet melodic topline.

Pleasurekraft Live in The Mixmag Lab-LA 2018

In order to truly understand what "Cosmic Techno" means, take a journey through a live techno set from Pleasurekraft performed for the Mixmag lab LA in 2018. The 90-minute set is a masterclass in sweeping synths, unique build-ups, and grinding drums. Not only does the energy stay thumping from the gate, but you also get a true essence of how Pleasurekraft plays. The CDJs are left behind for a Machine controller and his laptop, masterfully layering, teasing, and interweaving songs. It's a true testament to the incredible skill he holds as a DJ.

Electroliners - Loose Caboose (1995)

A striking combination of genres came to life in the 1995 rave classic, "Loose Caboose." Techno, acid, and breakbeats join forces on this genre-bending track that was an absolute weapon for warehouse DJs in the late 1990s. While the track's energy is reminiscent of modern-day dance music, it gives a window to how different our scene was back then.