The Ten Top Dance Acts at iii Points 2021

Oct 18, 2021

5 min read

Channel TresChannel Tres

iii Points Festival in Miami takes over the Wynwood Convention Center on October 22nd and 23rd. Founded in 2013. Miami’s answer to the PLUR overload that is Ultra Music Festival, the festival is curated and produced by the same team that runs the iconic Space Miami. Year after year they deliver a unique, genre-bending lineup in addition to stellar culinary treats, and compelling art installations, making it more than simply a music experience. 


Khruangbin first came on the scene in 2014, with their inaugural EP, “A Calf Born in Winter.” They followed up with a full length album in 2015, “The Universe Smiles Upon You” which officially put them on the map. A dynamic trio from Texas, Khruangbin is formed by Laura Lee (bass), Mark Speer (guitar), and Donald Johnson (drums). They do not subscribe to any one sound and have influences ranging from southeast Asian pop, rock, and funk (check out their early work for these sounds), to more recent soundscapes incorporating funk from the Middle-East and India. Overall, their music is founded in classic R&B, dub, psychedelia, and a wide range of international sounds. On a lineup that is filled primarily with electronic artists and rappers, Khruangbin will bring a fresh taste of soothing acoustic sounds to the stage. 

Channel Tres

In just three years, Channel Tres has made a name for himself as every DJs favorite DJ. He burst onto the scene in 2018 with his remix of “Tangerine,” by Aaron Childs. He followed it up with his first original single, “Controller,” which became a club hit. Whether it’s a Dj set or live performance his silky vocals, drum pads, and innate talent for hypnotic basslines captivate. The Compton native combines sounds from West Coast rap, Chicago house, and Detroit techno to create truly unique music. In the last two years alone, he has worked with Tyler, The Creator, Duke Dumont, and Polo & Pan to name a few. 

Patrick Topping

Patrick Topping and Green Velvet’s collaboration, “Voicemail,” introduced the world to the slinky funk of Patrick Topping. Since, the international headliner has become known for his high octane sets, and ability to seamlessly mix any genre at any time. Don’t be surprised if you hear an orchestra interlude that drops into heavy techno. He runs one of the most important labels in the UK, Trick, which also throws incredible events all over the world. His set at iii Points will be fast, weird, and funky. 

Michael Bibi

Perhaps the hottest name in the hottest genre in electronic music, Michael Bibi has been on an absolute tear in the last few years. Bringing international acclaim to the minimal tech house sound, Michael Bibi is known for his hammering long form sets that have crowds losing their minds all night. His Solid Grooves label, run alongside PAWSA, has has become one of house music’s most lauded labels in recent years. The tastemaking label consistently tops charts and sells out massive branded events. 


Hailing from Germany, the duo behind Fjaak are perpetually aware of the need to be light-hearted about their career while also never compromising artistic integrity. Based in Berlin, Felix and Aaron have been lifelong music partners. They began the Fjaak project in the late 2000s. It is safe to say that Fjaak will be a must-watch for any techno tourists visiting iii Points. Known for sets that carry massive driving energy, attendees can expect a masterclass in pounding warehouse techno with occasional genre bends into garage and dub. 


The UK-based producer was discovered by Eric Prydz and subsequently became one of the few to release on Pryda records, and open for Prydz on the biggest stages across the world. Cristoph has firmly stepped out of the shadow of his mentor in the last few years. He broke out on his own with the legendary Camelphat collaboration, “Breathe.” Cristoph is known for his signature brand of melodic techno, blending dark drops, uplifting vocals, and melodies. He never fails to deliver live and will be performing at both the festival, and Space Miami pre-party alongside Eric Prydz. 


The dynamic trio from Denmark are at the forefront of a broader movement that is seeing live performance become a regularly accepted aspect of electronic music. The three men, Tomas Høffding, Tomas Barford, and Jeppe Kjellberg bring unique influences to their production. Barford is a student of electronic music while Høffding and Kjellberg grew up around rock and jazz music. The blend of their styles is one of a kind and their live performances have become a thing of legends. Coming off of an iconic Cercle performance, they will surely draw a massive crowd at iii Points. 


Keinemusik is a collective, a record label, and so much more. The mind meld of Rampa, &ME, Reznkik, Adam Port, and visual artist Monja Gentschow came together in 2009. Each artist has individual careers, so to see the collective play together is an extremely rare experience. Known for their masterful selections, and ethereal sounds, this will  not be a set to miss. 

Layla Benitez

Part of what makes iii Points so unique is the festival's effort to book local talent. They proudly have a lineup that’s 60% local. Although she was born and raised in NYC, Layla Benitez is one of the most important DJs in Miami. She has made a name for herself by regularly crafting masterful opening sets at Space Miami. As a resident DJ there, she has shared the decks with the top 1% of the DJ world. Layla is classically trained in piano and her father was John “Jellybean” Benitez, a formative figure in the NYC nightlife scene in the 80s. Layla continues to carry the torch with expertly crafted sets, fitting whatever the vibe of the night might be.

Acid Pauli

In the theme of iii Points, Acid Pauli is a premier genre bender. For multiple decades he has honed his craft in Germany. He came up playing bass guitar while also learning about electronic production. His computer based live act will see him perform a dance floor ready show replete with live instruments and vocals. His versatility has seen him play clubs all over the world while also scoring films and producing radio hits.