The Chemical Brothers Chronicle Early Hip Hop in New Mix

Nov 3, 2021

1 min read

The Chemical BrothersThe Chemical Brothers

In March of this year, the legendary group the Chemical Brothers launched an exclusive and personalized artist station called Radio Chemical on Sonos Radio HD. The Stations' mission is to showcase the iconic duo's musical favorites and inspirations.  

The Chemical Brothers shared: "We're excited to bring you a selection of some of our favorite music - a deep into our record collections."

Today, Wednesday, November 3rd, episode three aired with a unique “Early Rap and Beyond,” mix. The duo called the musical style "a constant inspiration to us of what is possible in the studio." 

In the description for the “Early Rap and Beyond” mix, the Chemical Brothers explained “We celebrate the moments' disco met rap. All mixed from the original 12" records, we take you all around the five boroughs while also finding the space to throw down some other essential b-boy curveballs.”

The mix has some classic disco and hip-hop vibes with scratching and cuts, all with serious beats. It features music from Super 3, Harlem World Crew, and Pied Piper of Funkingham. With a tiny sprinkle of the Chemical Brothers with the track, “Go.” This is an education on all the ways modern music has been inspired by the earliest inklings of rap, hip hop, disco, and early dance.

Radio Chemical streams via Sonos Radio HD and Mixcloud. Check out the latest mix here.