Oski Explores New Sounds With Kid Colossus On Quality Goods Records

Aug 29, 2022

4 min read


Australia has become a hotbed for electronic music exports, especially in the bass scene. One artist who has continually stood out among his counterparts is Sydney-based Oski. From trap to dubstep and D&B, he's done it all with releases on Disciple, Deadbeats, Circus, and Quality Goods Records, plus collaborations alongside UZ, Leotrix, and Hydraulix. His last EP, DIABOLICAL, showcased his darker side, while his upcoming project highlights a lighter, more melodic offering. The Kid Colossus EP sees Oski returning to Quality Goods Records for the third installment of his Kid series, following Kid Calamity and Kid Chrome


To get an inside look into the project and what Oski's been up to, we connected with the talented creator for an exclusive interview. Our conversation spans his relationship with Quality Goods Records, the process behind writing the project, and evolving while retaining his signature sound.

Despite releasing across many labels, Quality Goods Records has always seemed like a second home for Oski. Over five years of releases, they've built a relationship that extends beyond business. 

"When QGR first started I wasn’t super acquainted with G (UZ) and Mouna. But we since have become good friends. We’ve spent a lot of time together all over the world. They’re great people who understand me and have always had my back and that’s what keeps me coming back," Oski tells us. 

Given the strength of their relationship, it should come as no surprise that the producer is back for the third installment of his Kid series. But what does the series signify, and how are the releases tied together? 

Oski explains, "Kid invokes a sense of innocence. I like to imagine a young bright-eyed newbie with the world ahead of him. Chrome, Calamity, [and] Colossus are just words I used to describe how I was feeling at the time of completion. Each word has significance to me which I like to keep close to myself. But there is meaning behind it."


Kid Colussus completes a trilogy of the series, but that doesn't mean this is the final chapter as Oski confirms, "The Kid series will continue for as long as it needs to and as long as I am releasing EPs with QGR they will be named Kid." 

Despite the thematic ties to his previous releases, the creative process for this project was unique. The project was written over the COVID lockdowns leaving the producer isolated, but it didn't impact his approach. He expands on this saying, "My writing approach constantly changes over time and I believe that the intricacies of my workflow are ever-evolving, regardless of outside influences." 

While the lockdown didn't directly impact his process, one of the new trends that emerged from it, streaming, played a vital role. 

"I pretty much wrote this entire EP while live on Twitch. So it was good fun to interact with my audience and receive interesting feedback all the while creating and doing something I love." 

The approach presents a new dimension of fan and artist connection where fans can not only enjoy the finished project but be present to see its creation. Hardcore fans may have the ability to not only get a sneak peek into artists' upcoming work but even help influence it through direct feedback. 


Oski's never been one to stay in a single lane, and Kid Colussus showcases this perfectly. The sound and style explore an upbeat, melodic direction without turning its back on his hard-hitting signature. 

When asked if he's conscious about retaining certain elements as his sound evolves, he replies, "I don’t think so. I feel as if I’ve reached a point where my style just comes naturally. It’s almost an extension of both my personality and the inner workings of my mind which can be a bit off-kilter sometimes. And I feel it definitely shows in my music."

Off-kilter describes Oski's sound aptly but it goes well beyond that. There's a groove and musicality in Oski's work that helps to make it approachable and danceable while remaining experimental. From the D&B meets hyper pop energy on "California" to the Latin-influenced meets dubstep sound of "Para Mi," Oski has a keen ability to fuse sonic elements that shouldn't work and makes them do so effortlessly. "Two Piece" sees syrupy sweet pop vocals bent around frenetic drum & bass, while "Shimmer" closes the project with the familiar metallic sound-design heavy direction fans have come to love.  

Kid Colussus explores new ground without ever sounding contrived or off course. It's yet another step forward for an artist that lives for continual progression. 

"More music, more shows, more living life. I won’t stop writing music until the day that I die. So you can always count on me to bring something out. Whether it’s sooner or later, it’ll come," Oski tells us about what's on the horizon. More music will surely come, but now is the time to enjoy his latest body of work.