Kaleena Zanders Marks Black Music Month with Reload Remixes From POC

Jun 30, 2021

2 min read

As Pride and Black Music Month draw to a close, singer-songwriter-producer Kaleena Zanders puts the spotlight on producers of color with a diverse remix package for her 2020 release “RELOAD.” Titled "RELOAD [Reloaded]" the five tracker features remixes from fellow POC producers Lee Wilson, R3LL, 12th Planet, Vindata, and KOIL. 100% of artist streaming royalties from the first year of release will be donated equally to the National Bailout Fund and Diversify The Stage, LLC.

The multi-talented queer artist wrote “RELOAD” in 2020 to recount her personal story of police brutality. In 2009 she was wrongfully detained and jailed for a routine bike riding infraction. It was the first time Zanders departed from dance music features. And a poignant way to establish her solo career. She hopes to shine a light on the Black dance music community. A group largely ignored by mainstream audiences and industry gatekeepers.


“Dance music was created by Queer, Black folks, in today’s world Black people have somehow taken a backseat in this genre,” she explains. Take a look at any festival lineup or Spotify editorial playlist to see how massively underrepresented BIPOC artists are. And although the founders of house and techno were Black and brown, she continues, “it’s now more shocking than expected to see a Black person thriving in electronic music.”

“My goal is to normalize seeing Black and BIPOC people united in dance, and that through love and a conscious effort, more people like me will permeate the industry’s gates. Dance music must be an eclectic place where all races exist equally. Much love to 12th Planet, R3LL, Lee Wilson, KOIL & Vindata for helping me push along this message.”

The remix package is expertly curated to give proper acknowledgment to the diverse sounds of dance music. Lee Wilson opens with a sultry, soulful house rendition. R3LL amps up the funk with his signature Jersey club sonics. 12th Planet opens his remix with a snappy breakbeat that descends into heart-stopping dubstep. Vindata draws from the sounds of the African diaspora for a smooth tropical house remix. And KOIL closes it out with a bass-forward deep house thumper.

The brilliantly talented songstress has featured on dance music hits from Chris Lake, AC Slater, Morgan Page, and BIJOU. She's been a noteable force within the black dance community and was personaly tapped to perform on Oprah Winfrey's 2020 Vision Tour. Her hit single "Stronger Than I've Ever Been" premiered during Super Bowl LII for Toyota. And she's been featured on numerous Spotify Editorial playlists including gracing the front covers of Mint and Dance Rising.

Zanders wants to use her music as a platform to uplift Black folks in dance music. POC deserve a larger platform and she believes she must shift the narrative and create a collective of artists who fight injustice through sound.