EDC Vegas 2022 Set Times Are Here

May 17, 2022

1 min read

KineticFIELD at EDC 2021KineticFIELD at EDC 2021

Set time drops, the highly anticipated, anxiety-provoking moment that you find out that four of your favorite artists are playing simultaneously, on the same day, on opposite ends of a massive venue. How will you choose? Can you split your time? Will you be so enthralled by one artist that you'll forget the rest of the festival exists? Today's EDC Las Vegas set time announcement answers these questions and more. EDC Vegas is just days away, and now you can start planning who to see and when. And while the annual ritual of agonizing over set conflicts is a time-honored tradition. Festival Insider invites you to try something new this year. When you see a conflict between two of your favorite artists arise, ask yourself, "how many times have I seen each of these people play before?" and then settle the rising tide of FOMO by deciding to see someone entirely new instead. Because in the end, part of the thrill of choosing between music on nine stages and nearly as many art cars is that you can explore. We've listed all the set times below for easy reference. We all know that service at the Speedway is a bit of a crap shoot. So remember to screenshot these for easy reference.

EDC 2022 Set Times FridayEDC 2022 Set Times Friday
EDC 2022 Set Times Saturday, SundayEDC 2022 Set Times Saturday, Sunday

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