Discover These Hidden Secrets at Electric Forest

Jun 2, 2022

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Electric ForestElectric Forest

Electric Forest

It’s almost time for festival lovers to venture into the magical Sherwood Forest again. Electric Forest is back, June 23-26, in Rothbury, Michigan. The Forest holds a uniquely curated music festival concept. It continues to enchant attendees year after year with its one-of-a-kind immersive experience.

Electric Forest is the type of festival where you can wander off alone and discover yourself because the forest's magic pushes you to look deeper within. It's the type of festival that reminds you of the importance of holding on to the small, intimate moments in life and how everything in the universe is connected. There’s no place like it. 

Aside from its stunning assortment of musical soundscapes, al fresco ambiance, and immaculate vibes, there’s more to Electric Forest than meets the eye. No matter where you reside in the Sherwood Forest, you’re bound to find yourself completely mesmerized by all of the beautiful (and strategically concealed) secrets the forest offers. 

The forest is full of magical secrets. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. So use your imagination and go down the rabbit hole if you dare. See a random telephone? Pick it up and see if there’s anyone on the other end. See an eye-catching door? Try opening it and see if it takes you anywhere. Explore. Let your inner child out to play. It’s all part of the magic of the forest. 

There’s no specific formula for finding these tucked-away forest treasures. You have to let the music and vibrations guide you. If you’re planning on hitting up Electric Forest, we’re revealing ten Electric Forest secrets to keep an eye out for. Happy Forest!

Participate in Scavenger Hunts to Unlock Special Surprises at The Hangar

Electric Forest Scavenger HuntElectric Forest Scavenger Hunt

Secret number one is to always begin your Electric Forest journey at The Hangar. Take a trip to the marvelous tent and speak with one of the characters or workers. They’ll be more than happy to offer subtle hints and clues that guide you to the festival’s specially curated scavenger hunt adventure. The key here is to follow your intuition and let your inner guide lead the way. Believe us, participating in the scavenger hunt will lead you to places you would have never imagined existed throughout the festival grounds. There’s a high chance that unexpected invitations to speakeasies and other hidden rooms will become part of your reality once you complete the hunt. 


Visit the Poetry Brothel & Other Secret Lounges

Poetry BrothelPoetry Brothel

Have you finished that scavenger hunt? Maybe you ran into a wizard or fanciful creature in the middle of the forest earlier in the day? Every action can lead you to secret bars and lounges dispersed throughout the festival grounds. The most notable secret lounge is the Poetry Brothel, an immersive literary cabaret that fuses poetry, burlesque, live music, visual art, and more. What a combination of artistic elements. If you happen to stumble upon the tiny door that leads to a dark hallway and then into a room full of sensual energy, velvet chairs, and dim lighting, you’re in for a treat. 

Find the Piano in the Middle of the Forest

In the past, artists on the Electric Forest lineup have played surprise performances in the middle of the forest. Not on a stage, but on an acoustic piano placed in the most random location. It's one of those experiences you don’t seek out but just miraculously stumble upon. It’s not on the schedule or announced on social media. It just happens. The most breathtaking encounter we’ve experienced here was Said The Sky playing beautiful piano covers to festival-goers. The idea behind this piano placement is to pinpoint the importance of sharing the gift of music with others. Stop and enjoy the music a stranger has to offer if you run into the mystery piano. You never know who you might find playing it.

Visit the Matchmaker & Find Your Better Half

Electric Forest MatchmakerElectric Forest Matchmaker

Are you searching for your better half? Have you always dreamed of finding your festival soulmate? Let the forest matchmakers pair you up with your match made in heaven. Tucked away in The Hangar (told you a lot of secrets lie here), personnel at the matchmaker kiosk make you fill out a dating profile and then lead you to a specialist that’ll help you find the perfect someone. Who wouldn’t want to find their festival partner in crime at this fascinating place?

Participate In a Real or Fake Wedding at the Psychedelic Chapel (and see a drag show while you’re at it)

Electric Forest Wedding ChapelElectric Forest Wedding Chapel

Thousands of festival-goers step into the captivating psychedelic chapel on the festival grounds just out of curiosity. Others plan to host their fairytale forest weddings ahead of time and have an officiator help them tie the knot. Don’t be surprised if you encounter a fake wedding between friends or an impromptu drag show. Whether you’re the one getting married or you’re simply there to partake in all of the trippy chapel’s amusement, it will be an unforgettable experience. All are welcome at this wedding chapel, where peace, love, unity, and respect are highly valued. 

Hit Up Secret After Parties

After the end of the scheduled performance in the forest and the festival grounds close for the evening, several unannounced after-parties keep the festivities going over at the RV campsites. Hosting traditional afterparties is difficult when you’re at a camping festival in the middle of nowhere. But that's precisely why these after-hours RV soirees are so dope. You never know who you’ll find behind the decks with other fellow EF performers. The best part is that they’re not “invite-only” parties. Everyone and anyone can join in. We strongly suggest staying up past the festival closure time at least one of the nights to check out this unique late-night aspect of the festival. 

Make a Meaningful Trade at the Trading Post

Electric Forest Trading PostElectric Forest Trading Post

Within the forest, there's a shack-like hut called the Trading Post. You can take the name literally. You’ll have the opportunity to barter and trade like in the olden days. What’s unique about this place is that no plastic or mass-produced items will be accepted here, making the trading experience slightly more peculiar and infinitely more meaningful. From handmade jewelry to buttons, pins, and other knick knacks that hold emotional value. There’s something that’s bound to catch your eye. Everything about The Grand Artique Trading Post has this old, rustic feel that transports you to a different point in time. While escaping to the past and trading your goodies away, you can also listen to your favorite artists that play on site here. 

Find or Leave a Gift in a Hidden Fairy House

Electric Forest Fairy TreeElectric Forest Fairy Tree

Along with the well-known giving tree, there’s a selection of fairy houses attached to trees dispersed throughout the forest. Each fairy house holds tiny treasures behind secret doors other festival-goers leave behind. They’re small, so keep an eye out and be sure to open their tiny doors to discover what lies within. Whether you find a heart-warming quote, a hidden message, an actual gift such as a piece of jewelry or a toy, or even festival Kandi, these tiny houses make you feel like you’re in a fairytale. Don’t be afraid to leave something behind for someone that shares your sense of curiosity. Chances are, it’ll make their day just as finding these hidden fairy house treasures will make yours. 

Keep an Eye Out for Carl & Shout His Name When You Spot Him

This hidden gem is hard to find, but if you’ve been to Electric Forest, you know what we’re talking about. If you’re on EDM Twitter, you’ve seen Carl shouted out. What’s so amusing is that nobody knows who Carl is. That’s where the myth lies. Some believe the Carl joke goes back to when Electric Forest was first founded. Others say a forester got separated from his friends one year, so they would all shout “CARLLL” whenever they tried searching for him. Eventually, others joined in on the search for Carl and shouting his name became a trend. For others, Carl is an iridescent, dodecahedron totem, and it's probably the most beautiful totem any festival-goer has ever laid eyes on. Whoever or whatever Carl may be, shouting his name throughout the forest no matter what time of day has become a treasured Electric Forest tradition.

Discover Surprise Performances

With so many different stages spread across the forest, there will surely be downtime, especially during the day. Wandering the forest and bopping to unexpected sets is a must. One year, the Honeycomb stage hosted a spontaneous birthday party for an artist on the EF lineup. To this day, we have no idea who was performing or whose birthday they were celebrating. But it was the most popping birthday party of all time. Another year, Sven Lions (Seven Lions’s alias) went b2b with Dimibo at The Observatory and shocked everyone with an electrifying psytrance set. If you hear music that sounds intriguing and you don’t know where it's coming from, follow it. Just trust us on this.