Denmark Launches the Country's First Dj School for Women and Gender Minorites

Sep 1, 2021

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Future Female SoundsFuture Female Sounds

The first DJ academy for women and gender minorities in Denmark was launched last week. The new initiative comes from the non-profit organization and booking agency Future Female Sounds(FFS), which has already trained nearly 500 new female, non-binary, and gender minority DJs in several countries across continents since its launch in 2017. 

The academy offers a three-month graduation course to equip aspiring DJs with all the knowledge they need. Starting in October, this free course which will take place in the Nørrebro district in Copenhagen will have a full-fledged program including a series of in-person workshops, training, mentoring, and industry talks—all of which will be delivered in Danish.

The scheme will be rolled out in semesters, each one being three months long and ending with a performance at a local venue. 

Removing any possible barriers for minorities with a dream to get their foot into DJing, the program which is also supported by the Tuborg Foundation, who have consistently helped FFS develop new talent and readdress the issue of gender imbalance in DJing,  is exclusively open to women, non-binary people and gender minorities. Further, the Academy also reserves 20% of spaces within the course for marginalized and underprivileged young people. 

Speaking on the new Academy, which has been a dream for Future Female Sounds, Director Tia Korpe said, “Our approach has always been a combination of professional training in a safer space environment, followed by actual bookings and entering the market.” 

She added that they were excited to develop new talent through the DJ Academy and they hope to also connect DJs directly to the right contacts in the music industry, with a long-term view of supporting their careers, beyond educating them. 

Applications for the course beginning in October are already open and those who are keen can make their interest known by filling a short  Google form.