Cyber Live: The Future of Live Music in the Metaverse

Jun 27, 2022

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Cyber LiveCyber Live

Cyber Live is one of a string of music-focused metaverse companies looking to bring technological innovation to live music. With a raft of impressive features set to be available to fans, and a number of ways in which artists and fans can interact, they bring a truly refreshing approach to Metaverse Concerts. CyberLive brings a host of creative opportunities for artists to engage and grow with their fans.

We spoke to the team behind Cyber Live to get the lowdown on how CyberLive is making the Metaverse an exciting frontier for music fans. 


Can you introduce yourself and give us some background on your background and how you ended up working on Cyber Live?

Our founding team is a combination of professionals with years of experience in the entertainment industry. All are recognized in the music and production community worldwide. The core team are people who have known each other for years and worked together on many international projects in the entertainment industry such as Ultra Music Festival, Ultra Worldwide, Resistance Ibiza, Burning Man, and more.

The team includes Richard Milstein, Creative Director and Production designer for Ultra Music Festival and Ultra Worldwide (in 22 countries); Adam Gaca, award-winning Production Engineer and Designer (Cirque du Soleil, Ultra Europe, Resistance Ibiza, Red Bull, UEFA, Ultra Singapore); and Rafal Bielski, Technology Developer and Designer (NFL Super Bowl and Google).


How did you first put together a team – what skills were you looking for?

We started with Richard and Adam's experience in the music industry, which we combined with Rafał's technological experience. Later, the process of creating and building the structure of the project began. We were joined by many people of various professions in the different industries through programming, robotics, blockchain, cloud computing, film, TV, game, music, marketing, management, and many more. We have been building this project since March 2020. At the peak of development, the team consisted of over 35 people from 12 different professions.

Cyber LiveCyber Live

What was the problem you were trying to solve, or the gap you were trying to plug and how did you come across that?

The Cyber Live Metaverse has two main goals. FIrst, to help promote and monetize the creativity of talented users. Secondly to produce interactive live concerts in the metaverse

As the founders of the project come from the music industry, it is a metaverse dedicated to music, but also to all arts and activities related to music and the music industry.

Cyber Live Metaverse was designed as a response to the needs of the music and audiovisual content market for new forms of presentation and monetization of their work. Currently, the noise caused by the amount of audiovisual content published on the Internet makes it almost impossible for talented people to reach a wider audience without adequate financial and marketing resources. The Cyber Live Metaverse offers solutions for artists and creators based on blockchain and web3.0, opening new fields of promotion and monetization, while offering the audiences a set of experiences and benefits unattainable in any other way.

Cyber Live Interactive Concerts in the Metaverse are another level of live entertainment. The first television broadcast took place in 1927, and really, other than the content and storytelling, not much has changed to this day. From the very beginning of television the viewer has been passive, as is still the case today with television and streaming on the Internet. We have created Cyber Live in response to this demand. Our passion for music, design, and technology has led us to propose a new way of experiencing concerts and other live events. Cyber Live’s mission is to fill the gap between going to a concert and watching it passively on a screen.


How long has it been in development, what were the hardest parts to get right?

We have been working on the project since March 2020. We have managed to collect over $1.6M from investors and built the entire concept from scratch. At the same time, we managed to develop our own video production system based on cloud computing that replaces broadcast vans and allows us to remotely produce concerts in the metaverse. We are currently working on the final version of the concert application, and we plan to have the first concert during Q4 of 2022.

In parallel, we are working on the Metaverse, its back-end structure, the rules and dependencies in smart contracts and the Metaverse economy. We have designed something truly unique to support and promote talented people and we take it very seriously because we believe that only a metaverse that has a real and useful reason to exist can survive the good and bad times. Soon we will show a small sneak-peak demo of how the Metaverse will look like.

Like every startup, we blaze new paths. Cyber Live is a complex project and it happened many times that there were questions without ready answers. Therefore, researching this project is very important, and research costs time, so we can say that the biggest challenge for us is time. 

We have been working on the project for over two years. The first phase was dedicated to project design, documentation, and the development of the POC and MVP for Cybercast (name of Live Concerts Component) Live Concert. We have a few solutions that no one else has, which allow you to broadcast multi-channel transmission without the use of broadcasting vehicles. Writing the application was certainly a big challenge, but it is already 97% finished, which we are very happy about. Currently we are concentrating on raising funds for the development of other modules of the platform. We have started private investment rounds and are selling our tokens. We have just completed the first one with great success.

Cyber Live Mars RenderingCyber Live Mars Rendering

What is the main functionality, the USP, what makes this such essential tech and what stands it apart?

The first element is Cyber ​​Live concerts in the metaverse of famous artists, where the User will get access to a set of features unavailable anywhere else. Apart from the fact that the user has many views at his disposal, including the backstage, he can also find himself on the stage next to the artist, or on the global dance floor, or take a photo session with the artist during the concert. Cyber ​​Live concerts mean that fans can be close to the artist, like never before.

The second element is the structure of the Cyber ​​Live Metaverse ecosystem which creates new fields of promotion and monetization for talented people. It is a crafted ecosystem for creators and audiences that takes advantage of blockchain, web3.0, AI, and other technologies and brings possibilities for both sides to another level.

There is a very strong synergy between the Cyber ​​Live Ecosystem and live concerts. Famous artists will be followed by an audience that will have the opportunity to get to know our Metaverse and become its users, and users of the Metaverse will be able to become an audience at artist concerts.


What are some of the other advantages of using this for both artists and fans?

During interactive concerts in Cyber ​​Live Metaverse, shows are created live in collaboration between audiences and artists. One of the unique functionalities of Cyber ​​Live is interactive concert scenarios. Users can decide about the course of a live concert, by taking part in live voting, during which they choose elements such as the location of the concert and elements of scenography, weather, time of day, lighting conditions, the attire of the dancers' avatars, where the artist is to be placed and many other factors of the concert scenario that affect its visual and substantive elements.

In addition The audience can choose between different views including backstage, they can take photo shoots with the artist,and users can also appear in person alongside the artist on stage in the metaverse, or show the world their dance moves on the global dance floor in the metaverse.

One of the more unique features of Cyber​​Live is the fact that users can act as Avatars, but also in person as a video. The user application allows you to use a smartphone to transfer yourself to the metaverse and record a video, take a photo inside the metaverse. Users have at their disposal a set of AR filters that allow them to additionally equip themselves with clothing items, virtual makeup or add other visual effects and filters. When all is done, users receive recorded videos as a souvenir that they can publish on social media or use as a proof of attendance, and all this can be achieved in any place with access to the Internet. 

What is also important, users have several different forms of expressing their emotions during the concert that affect the behavior of the show elements such as lighting, wave size, and cloud cover. In addition, the artist receives in a visual and statistical form how the audience recieves thier performance.

Our system was designed with all users, artists, and fans all in one ecosystem. Our data metrics provide great data.

Cyber Live StudioCyber Live Studio

What else do you hope to add in future?

As a Metaverse, we strive to continually evolve, so we regularly research the market and technological innovations. We are preparing Cyber Live Metaverse for AR technology which will initiate a new kind of entertainment for physical events. By superimposing things and actions from the metaverse in reality through such devices we cannot only enrich physical events with special effects impossible in the real world, but also offer users a number of additional features, experiences, opportunities, and games at the event.

As a platform, we strive to continually evolve, so we regularly research the market and technological innovations. In addition to what we have in our roadmap we are preparing our product for AR glasses which will initiate a new kind of entertainment for physical events. 


Is the metaverse here to stay, do you think? Is it going to take off on a global scale or will it remain rather niche for the tech heads?

It’s definitely here so stay and it’s not going anywhere. We see the metaverse as a very powerful extension to the world we know that gives everyone a chance to express themselves on an entirely different level. Not only that, it’s a huge space for both business and entertainment. The last two years have accentuated the positives of digital technology—its capacity to connect, educate, and entertain; to make possible long-distance, professional collaboration and family gatherings, to take us back in time and into the far future. We, along with our team, like to say that the metaverse is more evolution than revolution. Answering the question - we think that it is going to take off on a global scale.


What are you most proud of at Cyber Live?

It's definitely the team! Without that unique combination of skills, talents, experience, network, and creativity we wouldn’t end up being so far with the project. It all comes from the amazing passion that we all share with music, art, and technology. Without that synergy, Cyber Live wouldn’t be as innovative and advanced as it is. It’s been an amazing journey the last two years and we feel that the best is yet to come. Everyone involved in this project, starting from developers, designers, animators, marketing specialists, advisors etc. brought, apart from unique skills, their heart and soul to everything they did. Hours of meetings and online conversations reassured us that the team we built is the biggest treasure we could possibly have and to us, the right team is a key to success. 

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