BT to Release Fourteenth Album as a Multi Medium NFT

Sep 28, 2021

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For over three decades, BT—aka Brain Transeau—has deftly fused the worlds of art and technology. The pioneering trance and IDM producer holds multiple patents for his work in pushing the limits of audio editing.

On September 29, 2021, he releases his 14th artist album, Metaversal, another leap forward in the intersection of art and technology. According to his website it is, “the first album imagined as a programmatic blockchain experience. It encompasses beautiful audio reactive art, music that adapts to time, and collection of physical fine art sculptures from the audio waveforms of the songs themselves. The Metaversal engine has Web 3.0 connectivity that allows fans to solve a cryptographic treasure hunt and win 1/1 NFT’s.”

The ambitious project combines several mediums to create a groundbreaking artist project. Anchored by the Metaversal engine, the album experience changes in three modes: day, night, or full moon. Each of its 11 songs is physically represented in beautifully constructed waveform sculptures and embedded with an NFT tag that tethers the physical copy to its digital partner. Every copy comes with a dual box set of handmade white vinyl, hand-numbered in gold foil.

It's no surprise that Transeau is taking NFT and blockchain technology to new heights with his latest artistic endeavor. His pioneering technique “stutter editing,” where a producer takes a tiny fragment of audio and repeats it rhythmically, helped pave the way for genres like glitch hop to exist. And the software that he helped develop, StutterEdit and BreakTweeker, are vital parts of many dance music producer's workflows.

Metaversal Physical ArtworkMetaversal Physical Artwork

He said, “I believe blockchain technologies will liberate the arts and free artists of all stripes to be able to release meaningful media at will and be celebrated and remunerated fairly. It’s a miracle in our lifetime it’s possible to combine creative coding, digital treasure hunting, cryptography, art and music into a single unified project.”

He’s taken the process one step further and created a digital treasure hunt out of the release. The Metaversal engine is web 3.0 enabled and allows fans to embark on a cryptographic treasure hunt to find easter eggs in his work, and win 1/1 NFT’s.

“I’m humbled to be alive and to create to witness this,” Transeau said in a press release. “It is my great hope that this leads my brilliant community of fans (many of whom are incredibly gifted creators in their own right) into the web 3.0 experience. My dream is this inspires the possibility of a future where all creators thrive; creating works of true creative significance, merit and meaning for their audiences.”

The tiered auction for Metaversal opens on September 29th, 2021. More information is available on its website.