Aimi Uses AI to Personalize Music Streaming

Aug 20, 2021

2 min read



If you crave exclusive endless music experiences from top electronic artists like Soul Clap, Catz 'n Dogz, Skream, Black Loops, Tensnake, and more, then Aimi+ will keep your ears in pure sonic bliss for hours. The new AI-powered music platform reshapes long-form listening experiences.

Artificial intelligence has quickly become an integral part of the music industry. Music producers use it to simplify the creative process. And AI-enabled virtual concerts increased in popularity during the pandemic.

Aimi is the latest development in AI geared towards an improved experience for listeners and artists alike. Aimi offers immersive musical experiences made entirely of unreleased music designed by dozens of notable DJs and producers. 

Major streaming service royalties are painfully low. Aimi opens up new avenues of revenue for artists by monetizing their work outside the limits of traditional albums and singles. Through direct investments from Aimi and royalties administered through blockchain and smart contracts, artists can collect revenue on Aimi+ Experiences— empowering creators to diversify their income and earn money on unfinished, unreleased material like loops and stems. 

Developed through a collaboration between the artist, artificial intelligence, and the user, everything you hear on Aimi evolves based on an artist's intention and the real-time reactions of the listener. 

The most recent version of the platform, Aimi+, gives free access to exclusive music and services via direct invites from artists to fans. The service has endless samples of previously unheard tracks from various artists and is a new way to create and consume music. The technology allows them to transform minutes worth of basic audio loops and unfinished songs into infinite compositions. Every time a listener presses play the experience changes as these clips are mixed and mashed in new and interesting ways.

Backed by Aimi CEO Edward Balassanian and the Head of A&R, Will Saul, Aimi is the new model for long-form music listening in electronic music and a fresh innovation to get excited about.