Abracadabra's Earth Day Weekender to Raise Funds For Bye Bye Plastic

Apr 20, 2021

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Abracadabra's Earth Day WeekenderAbracadabra's Earth Day Weekender

Founded on the idea that a good party can change the world, Abracadabra arose from the mind of Vivie-Ann Bakos aka producer/DJ Blond:ish on a balmy night in Tulum. Over the last year, Abracadabra TV has been a regular part of the house music community’s virtual diet. And despite the physical distance we’ve all felt, Abra continues to unite fans under an ethos of sustainability. In celebration of Earth Day, the Twitch channel will present Earth Day Weekender. An eclectic lineup of performers, healers, and eco-activists scheduled for over 60 hours of music, self-love, and environmental discussions.

Headlined by Abra founder Blond:ish, Joeski, John Acquaviva, and Soul Clap the musical lineup also includes channel regulars like LP Giobbi, Apache, Laurence Matte, and Subset. DJs will perform live from beach clean-ups around the world. And the programming will be intertwined with panel discussions and workshops focused on sustainability, planet restoration, and protection.

All proceeds from the event will support Blond:ish’s new initiative, Bye Bye Plastic. A new initiative that aims to encourage the music industry to end the use of single-use plastic by 2025.

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With the return to in-person events on the horizon, Bakos recognizes that she can lead the charge for a waste-free dance floor. "For me the waste reduction, climate action, and plastic free party movement is at the core of the actions I would like to pair into my passion and offering with music. Honestly it’s the only way, pairing your passion with a purpose in this new chapter.” 

The lockdown of 2020 prevented kept 570 million pounds of single-use plastics from landfills. Bakos explains how important it is that we never readopt pre-COVID patterns of waste. “If we go back to how things were before COVID, we honestly have failed as a species.” She envisions festivals that go beyond plastic-free DJ booths to entirely plastic-free parties.

For Bakos it isn't enough to talk about solutions, she's made significant changes in her personal and professional life to reduce her carbon footprint. She's reduced her animal product consumption by 97%, cleared her household and travel kits plastics, travels from airports to hotels in green cars, and offsets her excess carbons with Climate Neutral Group, an organization that has tools to reduce and offset your carbon footprint.

Abracadabra Presents Earth Day Weekender 4/22-25 On TwitchAbracadabra Presents Earth Day Weekender 4/22-25 On Twitch

Joining the dynamic lineup of musical guests is an equally impressive group of eco-activists including Kip Anderson of the popular Netflix documentary, Seaspiracy. And Robin Schmidt of The Defiant, a major crypto news outlet. 

Abracadabra’s Earth Day Weekender will broadcast live on Twitch from April 22-25. To learn more about Bye Bye Plastic, Eco Riders, and Abrcadabra’s weekly programming visit them here.