5 Ways Jamie Jones Transported Paradise From Ibiza to NYC

Sep 27, 2021

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This past Saturday, September 25th, Jamie Jones brought his iconic Paradise party to New York’s greatest venue, The Brooklyn Mirage. What transpired across over eight hours was a showcase of impeccably curated talent, unique sets, and a mishmash of culture that only a New York City rave can contain. 

Paradise's return to New York was a rousing success and a brief journey inside the magic that has made it an institution in Ibiza. It was a welcome stand-in for a trip to DC-10 and a gorgeously curated way to bring a bit of the White Isle to Brooklyn.

JoJo Walker of the Brooklyn Mirage tells Festival Insider, "It’s important that we create fully immersive experiences at the venue so that every show can bask in its own glory and feel truly unique to attend. For Paradise, we wanted to bring the essence of the brands original home, DC10 Ibiza, whilst also giving it our own Brooklyn edge - the perfect combination for any party in my opinion! From the performers, to the decor every moment has been thought about to maximize the experience to the brand - it truly was a takeover where you felt transported into the world of Paradise, unlike any other show at the Mirage. We have much more of this to come and more with our other brands coming to the venue, very soon."

Here are 5 ways Jamie Jones transported Paradise from Ibiza to NYC.

Opus 1 at Paradise NYC 2021Opus 1 at Paradise NYC 2021

The Orchestra

Although any Jamie Jones hosted party is sure to be filled with legendary music, Jamie upped the ante for his long-anticipated return to NYC. For those who follow Jamie closely, they know that since early 2019, he has been working on translating his music into a live performance with a full orchestra. The orchestra show, dubbed Opus 1, first debuted in the United Kingdom at the legendary Barbican Hall. The project sees Jamie collaborating with Kate Simko, a Chicago-born house head who now runs the London Electronic Orchestra. The dynamic duo has found a way to thread the needle between club culture and classical music. Bringing out the full orchestra early in the evening at The Brooklyn Mirage was a perfect send-off into the night, and a fan-friendly way to encourage early entry.

A Beautifully Curated Lineup of Rising Talent and Established Legends

Jamie’s regular Paradise series in Ibiza is known for a sleek curation of established talents and up and comers. To play at Paradise is often a dream for many young and rising artists, and to get the sign-off from Jamie himself is a career validating moment. The lineup for Paradise NYC did not disappoint. Jamie handed prime slots to house legends Demuir and Technasia, allowing their experience to speak for themselves as they controlled the room masterfully. Earlier slots went to some of the hottest names in the tech scene, Amémé and Shaded. 

The Decor and Full Immersive Environment

It’s no secret that in 2021, branding is essential to success. The aesthetic of Paradise is a known commodity. Identified by grid patterns, pinks, blues, greens, and dancing silhouettes, the visual package in the Brooklyn Mirage was immersive and consistent.

It would not be a Paradise party without some extra additions for the night owls of NYC. Disco balls and shrubbery decorated every inch of the space. The Paradise crew curated not just The Brooklyn Mirage and the Kings Hall, but also created an intimate pop-up side stage in what is typically the artist lounge backstage. Opening up what is usually a reserved, exclusive area for all fans provided an incredible respite for those that wanted different flavors throughout the night. Furthermore, this area was hosted by the legendary Ladyfag who was coming off of an incredible takeover at the Mirage just weeks prior. 

A Masterful Late Night Set

Ibiza is known for many things, beautiful sandy beaches, elite club options every night of the week, and late late sets. It wouldn’t be a proper Paradise party if Jamie himself didn’t shut down the venue. Taking over the decks from Technasia at 2:30 AM, Jamie proceeded to put a packed house into a hypnotic trance, with 5,000+ people eagerly hanging onto every moment. Weaving in and out of his signature warm techno sound, Jamie had complete control all night long. He finished his set just as the sun began to creep out and the thousands of fans would have stayed all morning if allowed. 

Jamie Jones at Paradise NYCJamie Jones at Paradise NYC

The Venue

Simply put, it takes a special venue to contain a special party. The multi-room compound known as Avant Gardner is the only place capable of properly handling an event of this scale. Utilizing the iconic Brooklyn Mirage alongside two other rooms, just further showcased the versatility of the venue. It is truly the only venue in the country that can give fans a feeling of what it is like to be in one of the large Ibiza rooms where Jamie frequently hosts Paradise.